Book Your 30 minute Consultation Session where we will:

  1. Discuss what you are looking forward to achieving in a coaching relationship.
  2. Hear what I offer for options in programs and investment.
  3. Decide if we are a good fit for one another.

Women at Pause Individual Coaching Packages

2 options for individual clients.

  1. 3 Individual Coaching Session per month @ 45 minutes each. The first 3 weeks of each month.
    • unlimited email contact available between sessions.
    • Passion Test Book.
    • Client based agenda with access to different coaching tools that will meet your required needs.
  2. 9 month Transformational Package.
    • 3 - 45 min. sessions per month.
    • Client has the option of completing the 9 months of sessions with in a 12 month period. Midlife transition is a time of rebirth. This package allows client the time to experience transformational coaching. Women at Pause sessions are divided into 3 trimesters which support this transition.
    • Comprehensive package which includes client based agenda plus topics
    • covered in all Women at Pause Programs.


After the first month of coaching,if the client is unsatisfied fees will be refunded. Conditions do apply…client must complete a weekly client prep sheet, and attend all the sessions.

* all sessions are paid in full at beginning of the month.

* laser sessions available between sessions for extra support. Also email support.

** I am not a clock watcher. If client requires more time then 45 mins. extra time is given at no extra cost. There may also be sessions when less time is required, dependent on circumstance.

Women at Pause Group Coaching

*Offered 3 x's a year.

  • 12 consecutive weeks of 90 minute group sessions.
  • Group is limited to size of 7.
  • All materials included: journal, Passion Test Book, Collage poster boards, etc.

* This is a face to face group. These materials are not provided for virtual groups.

Registration Policy: If participant cancels registration prior to group start date, a fee of $200 is withheld from refund.

Fee must be paid at time of registration to ensure your spot.

All credit cards accepted.

Alumni Group

  • Offered in 3 x's per year.
  • Limited to clients who have completed the 12 wk. group program.
  • 2 group sessions per month @ 90 mins.
  • All materials provided.
  • Must have 5 registered for group to proceed.

Extra Support for Alumni Members

Add 1 individual session per month - 45 minute session.

Other Services:

As a Certified Retreat Leader, Women at Pause offers 2 retreats per year.

  • Women at Pause Spring Retreat - 1 night at B&B.
  • Prices vary on venue.
  • Retreat prices include 1 night lodging, meals, snacks, materials, group activities.
  • Massage sessions extra.
  • Click here for upcoming event.


Women at Pause Fall Retreat - 3 nights at resort/spa

  • Prices include accommodations, snacks, materials, group activities.
  • Meals and spa services are extra.
  • Dates: November 29, 30 and December 1, 2013
  • Location: Onanole, Manitoba
  • Place: Elkhorn Resort and Spa

Customized Individual Retreats - See details on Why Retreat page.

As a Certified Passion Test Facilitator I offered 2 - 1 hr. individual sessions of The Passion Test. All materials included.

Passion Test Workshops

  • 3 hour workshops.
  • Price varies due to venue, etc.
  • Approx. $79 per person.

Speaking engagements - 1 hr. - 3 hr. workshops.

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