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What you can Expect after Women at Pause Groups

  • be able to identify your passion and those things most important to you right now.
  • understand the needs that drive your life right now and how to get them met once and for all
  • be able to live a life aligned with your values, which can reduce many frustrations and roadblocks.
  • see your long term relationships with spouse/partner and kids revitalized.
  • become very comfortable with who you are - right now.
  • stop undermining yourself and confidently express your own voice
  • have great life tools you can use in the future and be able to share those tools with family.
  • gain clarity on what your next steps would be in your personal/professional life.
  • discover beliefs that no longer serve you
  • transformation...that will unveil your true self


Because the midlife transition is often a time of rebirth or reinvention, the group coaching program is divided into 3 trimesters.

    1. Who Am I
    2. Living in the Perfect Present
    3. Strategizing for the Future.



Although each group is unique and the needs of each group will be addressed the framework for the 12 week sessions look like this:

I. Who Am I?

  • Discover your top 5 Passions through The Passion Test.
  • Identify your Needs at this time of your life and learn how to get them met. Needs are what drive us.
  • Learn how to stop Tolerating all the stuff we do, so you can create more natural energy in your life and attract more of what you really want!
  • Engage in a right brain activity of creating a Collage, unlike a Vision board many are familiar with.

II. Living in the Perfect Present

  • Become reacquainted with yourself through a personality assessment tool, The Gifts Model. Learn to better understand your own behavior and why you interact with other personalities the way you do.
  • You will engage in an exercise that allows you to understand why you have done all things in life up to this point and where your purpose can take you through The Wish List.
  • Meet your Wise Woman of the future through a powerful visualization exercise. Learn how to trust that voice within us..our own wisdom.
  • The Perfect Present - Many of us live in the regret of the past, or the fear of the future. Joy is found in the present. Learn how to bring yourself back into the perfect present...yes it is perfect and I'll show you how.


  • Your own personal Journal to use for during all sessions and to complete your inner work at home* Written materials provided for various topics to keep.
  • The Passion Test Book, written by Janet Bray Attwood and Chris Attwood.
  • Collage Materials.
  • An individual laser coaching session when required.
  • Special session by my Mentor for a personality assessment and the Hunger List Model.
  • Discounted registration to events such as workshops or retreats during your session time frame.
  • The option to attend the Women at Pause Alumni program which runs 3 times a year for those completed the 12 weeks. This group meets twice a month. 


How It Works

  • Become reacquainted with yourself through a personality assessment tool, The Gifts Model. Learn to better understand your own behavior and why you interact with other personalities the way you do.
  • We meet 12 consecutive weeks 
  • All materials are provided in your registration fee for face to face groups.
  • Some weeks you will be give a module on a specific topic we are discussing which will require 1 - 2 hrs. of inner work during the week.
  • You must be willing to be coached within the group and support other group members.
  • You must keep confidentiality of all group discussions, as will I, unless under the oath of a court.
  • Women at Pause is a safe environment for women, not found elsewhere in the community. You are given a space to explore new ideas, use myself the coach as a sounding board and receive positive feedback from the group.
  • You will experience the power and fun the group and become part of a supportive community.
  • As a group member you can receive access to other coaching, workshops at a preferred client rate.

What past participants say about the Women at Pause group program:

"Thank You for helping me see the world from a better place. When I arrived at the group I was "lost" in my life. I raised 4 boys successfully, had a wonderful husband, had a ton friends, retired from a successful business, but I was unhappy. By the end of the first session miraculous changes started to happen within. When I left each session, I could hardly wait for the next."


"I had a blast!"


"I have been grieving for over 20 years due to loss of all those close to me. Brenda and this program have created a huge shift in my life. Even my hairdresser asked what I have been up to because I am just glowing with joy! Never would I have believed at age 64, would this happen to me. Thank You!"


"Women at Pause has empowered me to trust in discovering and reinventing myself by listening to my inner voice. I now recognize that I have the right to experience all the best life has to offer. I will always be grateful for you and this program."



Registration Details:

Group starts Tuesday, April 3rd/18

Fee: $749.00 per 12 week group. (3 month payment plan available for $249.00 per payment)
To Register: Call Brenda at 204-727-2764


Why Do I Do This?

This work is very organic to me, as it is a result of my own midlife transition. I realized that a commonality women have at midlife is a lack of personal passion and often question their life purpose. I was one of those women. I discovered my passion was coaching and through tools and being mentored and coached, I was able to take a very bold step and change career paths after 27 years in the same business. A very scary process. One that is best and easiest done with the support of a coach!

I have discovered that coaching is unlike anything else - it is a very empowering transforming process. I love seeing women's lives change from the better in a very short time. Not only do their lives improve that those of their families and their communities. It's a win-win investment.

After working with women in this capacity I now realize that Women at Pause not only prepare us for the second half of life but carries it through to the last part of life...something I discovered through my powerful collage exercise.

I hope you will join me and other women for 12 weeks of discovery, support and transformation. Not only am I an compassionate encourager, but I will "hold your feet
over the fire" so your reach those intentions that you set.


After the 12 Sessions are complete you will have the opportunity to join the Women at Pause Alumni Group which is offered 3 times a year. This group meets twice a month for 3 months.

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Brenda Hewlko

Transition Coach, CEG

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